Recipe – Salcombe crab salad with pink grapefruit, beetroot & pine nuts

Serves 4


  •  1lb of white crab meat picked
  •  1tbsp of mayonnaise
  •  2tbsp of finely chopped chives
  •  200g brown crab meat
  •  Squeeze of lemon juice
  •  1 tbsp of cold water
  •  2 cooked beetroots cooked and diced
  •  2 ruby grapefruit segments
  •  2 tsbp of toasted pine nuts
  •  Salad leaves
  •  1 small loaf of ciabatta thinly sliced and dried out for crostini
  •  100ml olive oil
  •  20ml cider vinegar
  •  Cracked black pepper
  •  Squeeze of lemon
  •  Salt to taste


Preparation Instructions

  1. In a large mixing bowl mix the picked white crab meat mayonnaise and chives and set aside.
  2. Blend the brown crab, lemon and water and pass through a fine sieve.
  3. In another bowl add the olive oil, vinegar, pepper and salt and whisk together to make a light dressing
  4. To assemble swipe a little brown crab on the base of the plate followed by three spoonfuls of white crab. Add some of the diced Beetroot, grapefruit, pine nuts and salad leaves. Add three crostini and spoon a little dressing around the plate and enjoy this light, refreshing salad

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