Allister talks about our produce

How will I describe my food?  Simple, elegant, tasty.  I try to bring in as many of the elements and the environments that that we live in and work in. Bring it in and put it onto the plate so that people can really understand and connect with what I am trying to achieve there.  I really like to go out and visit our suppliers because I also find that if I can make a personal connection with our meat suppliers, fish suppliers, our veg suppliers even than they can hopefully understand what I am trying to achieve.  I’m trying to achieve simplicity with a little bit of elegance, with honesty there that I really feel that I can put onto the plate so that when you taste the food you can taste all the passion, all the love, all the hard work that’s gone into creating a dish that may look really really simple but at South Sands its me, its what I’m trying to achieve to get across that message that we have the most amazing ingredients on our doorstep and I want everybody to taste it.

I don’t want people to come down and not indulge, not feel that it hasn’t been worth the journey to come down to Salcombe.  I want them to come down and go away and go ‘wow, that was incredible, when can I come back and try Alistair’s food again!  When can I come back and experience South Sands, when can I come back and that Dexter beef we had last time – when can I come and try Alex’s lamb.  All those kind of things I am trying to get onto the plate and trying to get across on our menus that it is such an incredible place to come and work and such an incredible place to come and visit and an incredible place to come and connect with all the food and some fantastic ingredients that we actually have around this area.

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